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Choose the best, raw produce picked to order by our partner farmers. Other items which are not grown locally are also available for Your convenience.

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Get your shopping exactly when needed. Choose from several delivery slots throughout the week.

We've got it covered

Each working day we collect ordered produce from local farmers and suppliers and deliver it to Your door. We can carry and unload produce exactly where you tell us to.

Farmer Spotlight

We visit local farmers almost every day of the week to pick up freshly harvested stock and enjoy close relations with our suppliers. Our aim is to put the spotlight on these independent farms and showcase their products and businesses on our website and social media pages.

Emilia of Farm Next Door visiting Horner's Farm

Families who farmed here for generations grow an amazing range of produce literally next door.

Discover their story and find out what vegetables or fruit are grown in Your area!

Environment Friendly

Plastic Free

We are using recycled paper bags to pack loose produce as well as a variety of cardboard boxes for heavier orders and our boxes.

Occasionally we also reuse wooden or plastic produce crates, which can be returned to us on your next order.

Our approach produces very little plastic waste. To reduce it further we take any wasted/broken packaging to the recycling centres.

boxes of fruit and vegetables

Organic Waste

We pick most of our produce to order on a daily basis and store little to no excess produce.

That allows us to have minimum organic wastage and whatever is not good enough to sell is used by farmers as a compost, animal feed or seed.

From Farm Next Door founder

I never imagined that I would establish my own business and renting premises and setting up a shop front business was never in my plans.

The way we shop has changed and that’s why I’ve created a service which enables customers to enjoy fresh, locally grown products, harvested and delivered to them on the same day. Direct from farm to fork.

I want my customers to have a great choice of products and that’s why I import varieties of fruit and vegetables that aren’t readily available locally. Our specialist Polish fruit and vegetable range proves very popular.

Emilia Klak - founder of Farm Next Door

How I got there?

Being a farmer’s daughter when I moved to Northern Ireland I really missed getting the freshest fruit and vegetables, so I went on a mission! I started to visit farmers and tried to buy as locally sourced and as fresh as possible. It was a totally different experience and I was finally able to buy great quality, fresh food – free range eggs, freshly harvested dirty vegetables and seasonal fruit.

Starting a business

At some point I decided to share my discovery with others and listed some local potatoes on facebook marketplace. I could never have imagined that so many people would get in touch and found myself delivering for the next couple of days! I have been going ever since, going full time, getting a bigger van and expanding my range.

Emilia Klak

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