Beetroots (Root Only)

Beetroots (Root Only)

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Back to the roots

Even though beetroots are a popular crop in Northern Ireland, it’s hard to find raw beets in the supermarkets - usually they come pre-cooked.

We prefer it the traditional way - freshly dug, unprocessed and delivered directly from the grower.

Grown by either John Hamilton or Garth Horner from Comber, their beetroots are dark-red, sweet with intense earthy aroma. Most of the season they will come bunched up with leaves, which can be used for various dishes or decoration.

The fuel of the Olympic athletes!

Beetroot juice is actually used professionally to boost athletic performance! This is because beet juice is rich in nitrates, which help muscles use oxygen more efficiently.

Get ‘em pickled.

As pickling is becoming increasingly popular with dishes like sauerkraut being re-discovered again, it’s worth to mention that beetroots are ideal for that as well.

Beets can also be used raw or cooked in salads, can be baked or roasted. In Eastern Europe they are used for soups (Borscht) or grated and mixed with horseradish, producing a spicy relish.

Nutritional highlights

Beetroot is of exceptional nutritional value; especially the greens, which are rich in calcium, iron and vitamins A and C. Beetroots are an excellent source of folic acid and a very good source of fibre, manganese and potassium.

Nutrition Information (per 100g)

Water: 88%
Energy: 43kcal (180kj)
Protein: 1.61g
Fats: 0.17g
Carbs: 9.56g
Fiber: 2.8g
Sugars: 6.76g
(based on


Keep in cool, dark place or a fridge. They will last longer if you cut the greens off. Soil keeps the roots fresh for longer, so wash just before use.

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